Higher Education


Christoph Guttentag, dean of undergraduate admissions. (919) 684-2898; christoph.guttentag@duke.edu

Affirmative Action

James Coleman, professor of law. Helped write the American Bar Association's amicus brief for the Supreme Court's consideration in the University of Michigan's affirmative action cases. (919) 613-7057; JColeman@law.duke.edu

Financial Aid

Alison Rabil, assist vice provost and director of Financial Aid. (919) 684-6225; alison.rabil@duke.edu

Higher Education Costs/Alumni Giving

Charles Clotfelter, professor of public policy, economics and law. Specializes in achievement, education finance, lotteries, college athletics and other higher education issues. (919) 613-7361; charles.clotfelter@duke.edu

Research Funding

James Siedow, vice provost for research, professor and plant biology researcher. Oversees Duke's research initiatives, including exploring potential new areas for research, facilitating the transfer of technologies from Duke laboratories to the commercial sector, fostering collaboration among research units. (919) 681-6438; jim.siedow@duke.edu

Undergraduate Life

Larry Moneta, vice president for student affairs. Oversees all aspects of the undergraduate experience at Duke. (919) 684-3737; larry.moneta@duke.edu

Suzanne Shanahan, acting director of the Kenan Institute for Ethics. Can discuss dating and the hook-up culture, gender relations, corporate social responsibility and associated international policies. (919) 660-3033; suzanne.shanahan@duke.edu

Sue Wasiolek, assistant vice president for student affairs and dean of students. Has worked extensively in student orientation, parents' programs, judicial affairs, Greek life and crisis response on college campuses; an attorney who is certified as a mediator and teaches education law. (919) 668-3853; dean.sue@duke.edu